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You need to know that you must include fruits in your eating culture and by this I mean daily. There are only two types of fruits in the entire world. They are either dry fruits or succulent fruits.

Dry fruits

They are most rich in minerals and some vitamins. Such include the Dates, apricot, tamarinds and figs. Consumption of this kind of fruits will enhance bio-availability of nutrients in the body system. Which are rich in zinc, iron, selenium and manganese. In addition to this mixture such dry fruits and succulent fruits will add a magnitude of positive nutrients of minerals and vitamins in the body. This helps for complete absorption of minerals present in dry fruits direct in the body.

Succulent fruits

These have a wider varieties and I know you have some in storage. How you store them will either keep them ever fresh or just damage the nutrients contents in the fruits. Always wash the fruits thoroughly before you eat them and you must be satisfied that the fruits are completely clean with no residuals of chemicals on the epidermis. By this you will be totally sure that the fruit is fine for consumption and no other chemicals are ingested in the body. To keep them fresh you need to keep them wrapped in clean fruit wrappers or fruit pouches, this is to enhance them to be fresh for a short period before you exhaust using them. Some fruits are not to be peeled as this will only deliver the single nutrient in the body. Mango is one of the fruits that you should not peel.Mango peels can also be eaten with mango, so next time you peel that mango better not eat it because you are waiting the most essential core of the mango and you are promoting juts some less nutrients of vitamin in your body. How about you use the peel in your pickle or sandwich.

Mango (mango peels)

Mango peel has loads of anthocyanin and carotenoid this are powerful antioxidants that delay the aging of the skin and protect us from diseases. These anthocyanin and carotenoid help us by strengthening the body against diabetes, arthritis, different form of cancer and Alzheimer diseases. The mango peel has compound that burn the excess body fats and this help in reducing weight. Now that we know the merits of the mango peel, next time you eat mango may it be raw or ripe, it is a medicine with value to your health. Never peel the mango when you eating one at it with the skin.

Banana is another common tropical grown fruit that has been eaten and still is. It is a perennial fruit that is herbaceous. 100 grams of banana fruits carries 90 calories. Amazing! No wonder Usain Bold eats more before he practice and after in a day.When eaten instantly it replenish the body and energy.

It is also used as a supplement to the under age children
To boost the growth of the children. It is a provision of vitami C which is a booster to the immune systems, thus preventing the body from diseases.

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