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It is an abundant gift which is free, but still you are not aware of the ultimate water nutrition facts. Know the essence of water and food for your health and wellness. It is the most plenty and free just like oxygen, but you only mix it with food that drink it. Know calories in water or the nutrients we get in water and the ultimate water nutrition.

What are the nutrients that you get in the water? Just like the coconut contains some water in it, the nutritional value of coconut water is not beyond natural water. Here am not talking about what Voss water is made of. The natural water has more nutrients than that smart water that technology can provide. The nutritional facts that make water ultimate is the full use we can’t miss. You can stay for twenty days without food, but not eleven days without water. May it be tap water or bottled water, there are ultimate water nutrients naturally.

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What nutrients do we get in water? It is essential that is why it is required in the body exceedingly to produce wellness. Water fills the space in cells, Water is ultimate with nutrients because it contains natural minerals. The macro-micro minerals that your body needs daily. These include the phosphorus, sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and traces like zinc, iodine, selenium and copper. When such are naturally present in water plants balance them by absorption.

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The ultimate water has components of the essential minerals that help for ultimate health through the food we eat. The lack of minerals in the diet can be provided with drinking water. This is why bottled water contains sweeteners to boost you drink more, your body deserves water to enhance the ultimate water minerals for health.

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