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Protein? No, it is not the food that we are born to eat. What happened to natural food that is fresh in the groceries? Why would you just look at the food and say I wish I could be eating that. I was in sick bay for almost 3 months and do you know what the doctor told me on the first test?

What have you been eating? In my quick response, I said I eat food that everyone eats. There he was looking at me with a long face. I had to ask what? And He said what does your family think of you now when you are here? I tried to smile, but the doctor looked at me and said, you know you look 32 yet you are a teen. Yes, I know now you are raising your brow. He was right and I know not how he was precise we with the information.

The food you are born to eat is not the luxurious junk food boy the food you need to eat is commonly natural raw food that is of starchy. Animals have their own diet and humans like you have kept away the common need of the human food called starch. All kinds of all human ill health have never been because of the dressing that the food we eat. In the pre-agricultural time, the starch was the based diet, corn, sweet potatoes. We need to eat like kings, yet kings know right the food that is needed in the common. Kids are overweight that is 30%  arthritis, puberty at the age of 9. We have a society of sick people  who through ignorance gather diseases. And medicine will soon become their food.

Protect your health if you need, your health to protect you in future.  Makes no sense at all when you are competing with the diet of another person. Getting fat is getting sick. Gross illness is on the way you eat. When we have the world in the most. Industries have won through food processing but stop and think you are to fix the problem in the health industry by fixing the simple change. It is worth making a change even when change seems to be hard.  Make it easy by fixing the change. America in losing in health and the world is imitating the western lifestyle.  What about China and India. You need to live on starch lentil, sweet potatoes and this is the kind of new diet you need.

Because of the diet of kings and queens we are getting sick but the food you are born to eat is the right starch with enough food. In bone biochemistry in the ancient study. Move on the far back then and eat like the past and use it in the present. The stone age diet is the most language that you have on nutrition diet. Primarily, you need to eat right because eating fresh fruits in abundance and starch, then you know right the food that you were born to eat.”  I looked at the doctor and started reflecting on the facts of mistakes I had. “You are what you eat



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