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It is all written in nature on how we need to stay healthy by eating healthy. All the human needs are in  food  as medicine  to cure to revive and to replenish, the moment you stop taking  the goodness of eating habits  then the wrong turn. The wrong-turn becomes an ill turn to all your life.

As we need to  eat, then that is the essence of all the things you as a human you  have to keep watch on.  Nature has provided it all in the understanding of sight, smell and taste.

In the reality of it all there is goodness in healthy you and simple mechanisms of devotion of weight loss. When you eat to live, life becomes the reality of it all thus fullness of revive fills the earth. Making the world a better place is the main essence why we exist. Eating healthy food is a token of reality to the fact of it all. However, we eat healthy there is a mistake in eating more on an element needed by the body or there is an element that is less need but the body banks it more. So you end up eating too much of it or too much of it when it is needed in the less manner.

To be healthy is to maintain the health, we become ill when we eat what the body does not require in the health standards or you either eat none of the needed nutrients. You need to know that your body must be given good sleep and this does not matter have a negotiation with your career. All you have to do is sleep enough, it helps to reduce weight. Think of when last did you take enough water. Yeah, when was that?  You can imagine how deprive yourself what is full in the universe. Have eight glasses of water a day or even more it will keep you away from hunger pangs and the crave for food.

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