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Heartburn is one thing once has happened to you if not often. When you feel like there is nothing else you want to talk about, but only to share the burning sensation within your heart. Now that is heartburn, which is caused by some of the foods you eat. There is one simple way you can keep off from some food type and find relief in a simple way you will be happily amazed.  It is an acid reflex escape plan that will guide you live healthier and healthier. To begin with:

There are some food stuff that you must abstain completely if only you need to be the healthiest person and save your health expenses each and every time.

Spicy foods: some type of spices that can be just fine with, you can never be fine with another person and the vice Versa. So take precautions on the foods you eat. You have experienced that bitter taste and a burning sensation in your heart. Could be those spices you eat in food types are triggering the heartburn.

Fatty foods: almost everyone likes homemade French fries or majority like buying some readily made fries.  Guess what, you are running a culprit of your health. Yes, I said it and I say it again that you are likely to cause your heartburn with fire. Fatty foods are a trigger to ill health that you need to know how to put a stop when you eat those fatty foods and you feel like you want to dip your heart in an ice cold water then return it in your body. Guess what, this heartburn will not stop when you know eating fatty foods will cause heartburn and you ignore this.

But other than those most people have no clue on how the symptoms start. Heartburn has the capacity to cause ulcers if taken lightly or ignored. You must not go eating everything because you like the food or because it tastes fine. Come on, eat healthy foods that in return replenish good health for you.

Am a nutritionist and just after Thanksgiving, a patient came to our hospital holding his chest. And all in the name of Thanksgiving, he told me that he had been drinking wine and spicy, fried foods. When I asked him if he was sure Richard answered that he likes the foods and he likes wine what else could he do? He asked me and when I continued to let him know it is eating habits that have caused all this he could just whisper please help me. I helped him and I want to help you too. Talk to your doctor about heart burn.


  • Lying down immediately after eating.
  • Go on and shed some weight Yes, excess weight loss will increase chances of heart burn.
  • Drinking loads of coffee. (Ever heard too much of something is poisonous?)
  • Avoid taking cold things when you know you always have heart burn after taking cold snacks.

To some of my patients through their record, I have noticed that ignorance is one of the things cause heart burn.


Did you know?

That acid reflex caused by heart burn can cause cancer? That when stomach acid backs up in your oesophagus, there is a pain which is called heart burn? That some type of foods we eat cause ill health to us if not aware?

Here are some other causal agents of your heart burn that you need to avoid.

Avoid chewing when your stomach is empty, this causes the build up of acid and gas in your stomach and when you chew and your stomach is empty the mouth produces saliva in the process of chewing, the stomach prepares to produce HCL. When the stomach is empty the HCL fills the stomach, watch out because this is another cause of Ulcers.

Why must you snack all night or eat between meals? Hello, can you get me clearly? Avoid, stop then abstain from eating snacks which propel the process of heart burn. As soon as you start eating and stop your body prepares its self for digestion so when you go back in your fridge and kitchen for snacks you are confusing your body thus the acid build up and cause heart burn.

Here is Simple home remedy for your heart burn

  1. Have lemon juice for detox and eliminate the build up of acid reflex that may occur.
  2. Avoid drinks with cola that builds acid in your stomach.
  3. Eat with temperance (not too much) till you feel difficulty in breathing, this is likely to be very dangerous. The longer you put food in, the longer it takes to digest , thus build up of acid reflux.

Well, hope you will watch for your health because I care for your health. Eat right, eat healthy live healthy, live longer. God bless you .



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