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You first have to know that this is very normal but using home remedies period cramp cures will   make you feel normal with relief. Before or during your periods you will experience some varieties of aches and pains it is known as dysmenorrhea or menstrual cramps. Some ladies have no cramp at all while other have, which at times interfere with their daily duties. As a woman be happy that you are having your periods but you must know that there are different types of cramps:

Pain that spreads _ pain can start at the center of your lower back or just in the lower abdomen it then radiates in the down to tour legs.

A little discomfort _ this feels like a muscle cramp and when you notice it is a menstrual cramp it does not bother you.

Intense pain _ this is that burning, nibbling or scratching pain that causes you to cry out and double up by curling your body.

Going through your period cramps will come with intense, slight or short pains of discomfort. During this time you will feel dizziness, nausea or vomiting at times you can even diarrhea. You should know how to calculate your periods and before you use these quick natural home remedies period cramp cures know the always pads or tampons that is so thin and flexible with comfort. The trick of curing the period cramps is to find what works for you. You can gently rub your abdomen, mild exercise of leaning backwards, forward, to the left to the right, sit down stand up and repeat. You can take a hot shower. Heat opens the vessels and eases the pain away. Ever heard fire for fire? Do not give the pain more concentration be physically active by taking a walk. Love to exercise will help every month period cramp cure, all you have to do is have workout that stretch the body and making this a routine you will not have cramps.


 Coffee intake– it is true that coffee has caffeine which when absorbed in the body it constricts the blood vessels which later can cause cramps. So certainly avoid caffeine when having this rough time. Stay always from sweets, salts and alcohol which make your cramps worse.


Vitamin D– how long do you have that sunlight? Well you need to bask for that vitamin D. D vitamin is a sure way with importance to preventing menstrual cramps.

Make sure you have an orgasm – another natural way is Orgasm, the uterus wall is more relaxed and at that moment of epitome, blood flow increases this help to relieve the cramps. The pain is released through a hormone knows as endorphin the hormone helps you to feel instantly better. It also helps to induce sleep and you will not feel the pain.

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Drink enough water – Look, it may sound odd and raise your brows but drinking water has been the most simple home remedy for quick period cramps cure.  Keep your body by retaining water to avoid painful bloating during menstruation. Liquid increase blood flow to the skin and thus relaxes cramp muscles. You can include some of the water based fruits and vegetables to aid in constant increase of water in the body such as: water melon, lettuce, celery, berries, and cucumber.


Cinnamon _ apart from it helping to relieve congestion, it’s also one of the remedies used to relieve periods cramps. It helps in the ease of congestion in the uterus walls and an additional of dietary fiber with calcium and iron not to forget the manganese that help in relieve of menstruation periods.


Ginger_ it is one of the root tubers that has been neglected by many. Ginger alleviates cold, flu, headache and your period pains. All you have to do is cut small piece of fresh clean ginger. Crush and dip in hot water. You can also chew; endure the bitterness of it you will get well.


Calcium – You can have that beef soup bones boiled and drink. It can also be chicken soup; it helps to reduce the cramps during your periods. Have foods that are rich in calcium like almond, sesame seeds, dairy products and some fresh leafy green vegetables.


Papaya _  fruit contains Carotene with some amount of vitamin A and C. Some lower amount of iron and calcium is also present. The wonder fruit Papaya is high in nutrition value, good for the skin and aids in your digestion. The content of calcium like said above will lull and soon kill the cramps.

Rethink on what you eat _ did you know that you can be causing yourself cramps? Poor nutrition can lead to worsen menstruation cramps.  The best natural way is to go for essential vitamins and nutrients that help you. Eat foods that like spinach and liver that have iron. Because at times on the onset of your periods, the body may lack some enough iron and being that you are loosing more blood then there is a strain in the uterine walls thus causing cramps. Eat chicken, fish, and walnuts, brown rice (contains Vitamin B6), olive oil and broccoli (contain vitamin E). Vitamin B6 helps to reduce blooding during periods which causes cramps.

Avoid _ food that are fatty, alcohol and carbonated drinks this absorbs and drain the water in your body and still cause bloating during menstruation which later leads to the cramps.


Heat effective _ you can heat some water and put in a tough plastic bag then wrap with a towel to reduce the direct heat or 2 small water cans put moderate hot water and place on your abdomen and back or cut and sew together pieces of fabric.  Put dry beans or rice in and then sew the covers. Microwave it to have some temperature. Watch not to overheat. Place on your lower back and abdomen. It is as effective as breathing.  These are home remedies period crap cure that you can use always. If you find that there is much bleeding and none here is helping but still on pain, visit the hospital and see a doctor.

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