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Updated 23/6/2017

Dietary Creatine Supplement

Optimum nutrition amino energy (creatine) it’s simply a dietary supplement.  An odourless, tasteless powder, that really mixes well with water or any liquid. One of the products used in sports and it really supports muscle size, power and strength. This supplement has 5 grams of pure creatine monohydrate.

There are so many benefits which one would get from using optimum nutrition amino energy. Here are some;

Quick recovery When working out there is a lactic acid that is formed in the muscles, it’s really painful and some people even go to an extent of not working out due to this pain. But when you use this supplement the pain goes away faster. When used it fastens the repair and growth of muscles because its nutrients are always directed to the exact area hence faster gains. So to some people who always over train so as to recover or even fail to work out because of muscle pains then here is a good solution for you, use creatine.

Good muscle gain It’s every person’s aim after work out to gain muscles. Creatine gives you more energy to work out and also makes one workout more than normally and as a result of this there is high muscle gain.

Gives energy it helps move the energy in the body to where it’s needed and this makes one exercise very hard and for a long time all because it helps to deliver energy well.

Pumps Some people really like it when their muscles swell up when working out. Well, if you are in this category then use creatine because it will give you that feeling you ever wanted.

Optimum amino energy is a product that has 5 grams of creatine, no sugar no calories. It’s very pure and made with creapure creatine monohydrate. Its pureness makes it unique, has no products that may be allergic to some people and so no one is limited to use it. This supplement is unflavored and hence its ability to blend well with water or any other liquid one may prefer to use. It can also come in form of powder or tablet so you just have to take it the way you prefer.

 Advantages  Creatine 

  • It’s soluble in any liquid.

  • Its purity favours everyone because it has no ingredients that may be allergic to some individuals.

  • It prevents the body from being worn out faster because of too much exercise one may not be able to do any other job.

  • Has no age limits so even the

    aging population can still use it.

  • Even when one is suffering from diseases that destroy motor neurones still can use this supplement.

Optimum nutrition amino energy (creatine) has some few disadvantages,

  • When you stop using it you may lose some strength power which may be a disappointment to some people.

  • May cause some cramping too if not supplemented with enough water.

  • When too much creatine is taken it may cause diarrhoea and nausea.

This is how you use the product, add one teaspoon of micronized creatine powder to a glass of water or any other liquid then stir it with a spoon. But you should note that this supplement should be taken with meals. And also before using it consult the doctor first.

In conclusion, if you are involved in muscle building then creatine is your best choice. When you use, then be guaranteed of 100% positive results.


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