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Why cause coffee death on one more cup?

Adenosine is a central nervous system that the coffee death will occur to you if you take one more cup of coffee. It may be a love for it that will keep you guessing what is this all about but wait till you read the whole of this all. You will have to die drinking coffee or improve your life in the next one year or more by staying away from coffee. This is how my friend died through one more coffee cup. When the adenosine receptor activities slow down and  then and you feel sleepy then you may sleep and never wake up like my friend.

Coffee has caffeine that actually triggers the compound effects of your brain receptors. The strenuous effect of the crude way of preventing your brain on normal activity, it brings the brain to a halt.  Such potential effects are majorly caused by the caffeine in coffee. Am not saying you should never drink coffee no, that’s not what am trying to say here, but why be addicted to it that it even overrides your life and controls you. What about if you will try and control it before it does. Because when it will control you then it will be coffee death. In other words, did you know that there is a genuine coffee for your health that is organically sourced whole bean coffee that is good for your health while still there are some other coffee that is not good for you? Well, I know now I shocked you, but it is true and that’s what truth sometimes dose shocks.  Coffee Death

Like everything in life when you use it too much it will cause your coffee death. Imagine coffee killing you!  Something you can survive without becoming a controller of your life. Just one more coffee can lead  to your death. How is one more cup a death wish for yourself? You might be wondering well this is how it is. Drinking coffee will prevent your brain to be numb, which leads to more and more demand of coffee intake, which later lead to either brain damage or memory loss. Thus, when your body system is clouded with caffeine, it will require more caffeine, which lead to an overdose of caffeine which leads to death. Caffeine toxicity also leads to death. This is where you take more coffee than water that your body needs or you take more coffee that has more caffeine without even having detoxification of your body, which can lead to colon cancer.

Caffeine tolerance is one of an individual thing, but how much overdose is overdose? Still can be the next question. When caffeine can lead to overdose when taken directly through oral because a single teaspoon is directly equivalent to 25 cups of coffee. Well, now what that you have a drinking problem, will you get one more coffee death? You might take your last cup, but if you will change into something better that is healthy, try this instead.


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