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Kenya being  green peace movement nutrition for Kenyan runner is one of the key things that has made them as the world champions. They train twice a day given as much food as needed when they are hungry. But one thing their coaches will never allow them to do is to eat anything, nutrition for Kenyan runners is on the strict rules one must adhere to. In order for them to win the medals they have to win the trust of their coach. This does not imply on what condition or distance one is going for. The rule is they must eat what is best in order to win the best from the best.

Kenya being a climate with varying topography, vegetation and underlying topography runners must be well in all the condition of the weather. Nutrition vitamins and minerals are what they know will either propel them further in wining or loosing. one is taught on the clean food diet too and not just anything to eat. The most comprehensive study is not on wining alone but the nutrition, this is what is ever conducted and the startling implications on diet. The percentage of what they eat are natural food locally grown and they know nutrition for a Kenyan runner comprises of five meals in twenty four hours.

What makes a champions is that one must run from 6 am.  It is the longer with more intense session of the day running nine to sixteen miles,  starting slower then vigorous. Their diet is what will trigger their speed and boost of health. A diet is never complete with ripe banana to boost immunity and high concentrated fiber. Nine or ten grams are consumed for long mileage. In their breakfast carbohydrates will not miss, protein from plants also given for training for 15 kilometers. Account of 20% of honey calories consumed for a boost of mood and persistence. Ugali (simple dish of maize flour cooked with water to form a firm mix) and kales. Adequate training is related to the natural whole food taken more carbohydrates and perfect timing for the foods is part of nutrition for a Kenyan runner who is to be a champion.


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