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Arthritis is one of the silent suffered illness that many know not. If attention is brought on the way on how to eradicate Arthritis then the 356 million are yearly affected people will be lowered, then eradicated by only the caution on a diet. Trying to wake up and a pain is encountered is a sign that one id not fine, trying to open a peanut jar and pain is present in your hands that is another pain you want to forget but you can do nothing about it. There is danger and if handled early, then there will be healthiness.

What is Arthritis?

Arthritis is a pain of joints which later when ignored will exacerbate the cartilage tissues. Another cause is when your body tissues are attacked by the immune system.

What you have been eating may have cause to inflammation and thus a build up of toxic materials in the body which eradicate the immune system of the body. Foods that are talked about are like: canned foods,  fried foods with a lot of oil and fats. Choice of overall food on what one need to eat is to be followed with caution to prevent, eradicate Arthritis. Arthritis

Foods to eat to prevent Arthritis

Garlic and natural spices , phytonutrients are only present in all natural plant foods until you never stop keep using pepper, turmeric to detoxify your body, ginger, thyme, rosemary, and oregano. Include them in your daily diet.

Talk of fibre present in cassava, mangoes,oranges and among many. Miss fibre not because in your daily consumption, it  keeps you away from Arthritis.

Vegetables and fruits with vitamin, whole grains, carrots broaden the quantity of your consumption. Flax, fresh cold water, tuna, mud fish. Keep in mind that when you miss such in your meal . You are moving your life closer to Arthritis.



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