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You have the craving idea of having it, but the crab delicacy is one thing you are not sure of. Well, fear thou not for here is the recipe of crab delicacy that will make you shock many with the crab delicacy meal. So you know that crab is one of the terrestrial and aquatic in the family of lobsters, crayfish and shrimp. And you also know that it has a long protecting tail, hidden under the thorax region. Well then, that is enough and just great, but you need to know that.

crab delicacy recipe

There are types of commonly consumed crabs did you get that right turn off the heat before you dip those crabs in the pan. And keep reading. There are a variety of  delicacy crabs for  consumption and it is blue colored  with another name as beautiful swimmer. Found on the east coast of the US. Guess what, it turns reddish while cooked.

Another of the best crab recipe delicacy is the Dungeness crab, found in the coastal water of Mexico and Alaska. Easy to find during the winter month. Popular because of the sweet pink succulent flesh.

There is this other crab named after its appearance, the horseshoe crab. Edible, but the ratio of the meat compared to shell is small.

Then another is the King crab, well known as the Alaskan king crab that weighs roughly 25 pounds. Don’t be shocked that despite the weight, value for money the edible crab meat is one–fourth. Meat taken from its legs and claws. Well, there you have it. Cooking Mouth watering crab delicacy is not a hard task if you will follow the procedures.

Crab Delicacy recipe

  • Take the number of crabs that you want to for crab delicacy.
  • Wash out the dirt or mud from the crabs.
  • Rinse with clean water and put the crabs in a separate clean bowl.
  • Then now turn the fire source on and put cooking pan on the fire and put some reasonable water. -Too much water will dilute the nutrients of the crab delicacy.
  • Dip one by one alive crabs in the boiling water.
  • Put some freshly squeezed lemon juice, this is to remove the sea smell of the crabs.
  • You can add some coconut milk after 10-15 minutes of the crab boiling. (This is for light crab delicacy soup to be served if needed) You can add coriander leaves for vitamin C 5%.
  • Now, after 5 more minutes you will notice that the crabs have turned reddish in colour.

Take a tray and place the crab delicacy on, start cutting the legs somebody sections. Scoop the white flesh from the belly and place on a different plate. Place the crab delicacy cuttings (legs and parts on the side of the serving plate.

Wow! Crab delicacy, Serve when hot with rice or any dish.

Ask any questions to help us make you learn better.

crab and rice delicacyNutritional values of crab delicacy.

  • In delicacy crab meal, Potassium content helps fine growth of body cells
  • Has selenium, rich mineral in delicacy crab that help fight tumours and cancer.
  • Crab delicacy provides the right amount and rich proteins.
  • Unlike other seafood crab delicacy have low amount of mercury.
  • Being a rich source of fatty acids, crab delicacy is essential in lowering blood pressure.

And did you know that crabs have teeth in their stomach? Most crabs have ten legs and an average life span of 9-15 years?



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