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In this lesson, we wish to help you to learn about foods that rest you – foods that will help you to overcome that “all gone” tired feeling. 

Already we have given you two suggestions to follow in your eating habits that will give you a new zest for living they are:

Eat only whole – grain cereals, bread, and biscuits. In other words, learn how to use and make food from natural products.

Use a liberal supply of fresh and cooked vegetables and fruit. These furnish us with vitamins and minerals needed for nerves that can stand up under the stress of today’s living and when it comes to vitamin, it is Thiamin – Vitamin B1 – that keeps us from having frayed nerves.

Now we need to add another bit of knowledge in conquering that tired feeling, and that brings us to a discussion of acid- and alkaline- forming foods. We must have the blood stream always slightly alkaline. Most of the body’s waste products are acid. These are fatigue products, and if they accumulate in the body, you tire easily as a result. For example, every time a muscle contract, it burns up sugar and leaves an acid called lactic acid. The more the muscle contract, the more acid is produced, and finally, it will stop contracting unless this acid is neutralized by the alkaline substances found in your blood. And where does the blood get these alkaline substances from your food?

Now suppose you are eating a preponderance of foods that filling the blood with acid; then you are only adding more to that tired feeling for you already have the acids that the body produces. When a food is “burned” up in the body, in the minerals left a mark that food as either an acid- ash forming food or an alkaline- ash forming food.

I believe you are now ready to learn what is the acidforming foods and which ones are the alkaline- forming foods. The foods highest in either acid or alkaline ash are listed first in their respective lists with others following according to the amount of acid or alkaline present.

Alkaline – Vegetables (especially legumes and potatoes): fruits (except prunes, plums, and cranberries, nuts, milk.

You can see at a glance that the highest amounts of acid are to be found in flesh foods of all types while fruits, vegetables – especially legumes and nuts along with milk are alkaline. Cereals and eggs are acid- forming, but not to the extent that flesh foods are, and oysters top the list for acidity.

But you say “Doctor, I thought we obtained protein from meat and isn’t protein necessary?

Ah, yes indeed. In fact, the lack of adequate protein is another cause for a tired- out human being. There can be no life without protein. We have scientific evidence for this fact. But if you could get your protein without a preponderance of acid – forming foods, that would be the best it?

“Can you do that,” you ask? Yes, you certainly can feel a lot more refreshed; enjoy a lot more of real living, by getting your proteins from the alkaline side of the list as well as including the protein of cereals. The body needs some of the acid- ash, but not in the amounts that most people are in the habit of getting.

I have a statement from leading nutritionist, Dr. Jean Bogert, which explains that sufficient protein may be obtained without the use the meat.

“The legumes and nuts are vegetable foods, richest in protein, and the amounts which they contain compare favorably with the protein content of meat ……Most of the nuts furnish complete proteins…..The peanut, soybean, and pea, have proteins which are adequate for both maintenance and growth…..The dried legumes are the cheapest source of protein.

Dr. Henry C. Sherman another noted nutrition expert makes this very significant statement about our diet. ‘it was found that as vegetables and fruit became more prominent, there was an increase in the energy, phosphorous, calcium and iron values and we may enter in the Vitamins A, B, G values also, of the diet while the protein remained practically unchanged. This increasing use of vegetables and fruit seems to improve the food value of the diet at every point.”

Now you can begin to see how sensible and workable the planning of a good nutritious diet can be. You can see that the preponderance of your meals should be taken from the alkaline foods which are fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and milk, in order to keep relaxed and the body functioning at its best. You are going to get adequate protein by using more legumes and sufficient milk, nuts, and grains.

But remember that the protein in highly – milled grains are far too inadequate to keep the body’s normal growth and maintenance. Here is the scientist’s word on this point: They “showed that proteins needs of growth, reproduction, and lactation, whereas little if any growth, occurred on those diets in which white flour was used instead of whole wheat.”

Can we prepare protein- rich food that the family will enjoy and that will take the place of the foods that are making us tired? The answer is Yes. Once you learn how, and once you see how much better you feel, then you’ll believe me when I say: You can conquer that tired feeling.”

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