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Everyone depends on food to live, but in the same case there are those who live to eat. I know you are not among them  because you care so much of what you eat than what is just into your mouth. Health is the factor for life, and in that there is no negotiation about it. But it is a pity that we have ignored the true healthy super foods that revive life. For that which just  fills our stomach and we are on the next move.

You are not made like this, am concerned about your health and life, this is why am asking you that where does your money go most? Well lets reason in reality now, you will notice that you tend to place your money on health care than any other thing in the world. This includes the health care for your entire family. Why put more concern on them? Well, it goes without saying that you care more on their life.

Now if eating brings life, how more should you care about what is getting in your body to revive your health? Super foods are very super just like the name. They are natural, simple foods that revives the human health. In case you never knew, in case you forgot then let me remind you, foods that are super gives super health. Super health leads to super life. In ancient times our ancestors used to live longer like 100+ year and even Methuselah the oldest man lived 969 years. What were they eating?

Were they eating fried chicken with more oil? Oh or were they eating chips and hamburger? Hot dogs? However, it may be sweet in the mouth, it is not good for health. Minced meat? How sure are you not eating dead dog, rat or gorilla meat. I want to help you out, but you need to help yourself first by changing what you are eating.

Today in hospitals, many are ill not because of any other different thing, but because of the foods they have eaten. If you find an animal meat raw and some succulent fruits in  a basket what will you go for even if you are dying the next minute? Well, that apple, those fruits you are ignoring those cereals that you ignore most are your super foods for a greater healthy life. Your ancestors lived by them and lasted years and years. What went wrong that we are competing with the animals to eat animals? Who has bewitched us as human beings to forget the super foods like the yams, sweet potatoes with natural sugar, or sugar cane? You can never be healthy when you are eating garbage. It is garbage in, garbage for life. Is garbage life you so wish to live upon?

You are so fearfully and wonderfully made why not eat wonderful things that even you when you eat, you will just know that truly what is in front of you, what you are about to eat is truly super foods for super health. When you eat complicated meals, the complicated life is the product, which later leads to complicated health. Is this the same way with super foods?

You should not fear the change that you must make in your diet. You are the only person who can make it happen. Junk food makes your life junky, you think junkily, reason junky, words  are junky but if you substitute super food with junk what happens? Dear beloved you can not eat bad foods and expect to be healthy. It is just like touching mud or holding it, then expect to see that you are holding an apple. Really? Real wealth is found in super foods. Where super foods brings real life and real health. Well, what are these super foods?

Super foods are powerhouse foods with natural ingredients in nutritional state when cooked or when raw, can still maintain the nutrients and they shield the human body from diseases, are worthwhile not a missing a day. They include natural vegetables and fruits.

If you read clearly I am not against any food, but, if that food is natural, may it be cereal, raw fruit, vegetable that is chemically altered then it can never be categorized in the class of super foods.


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