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You are in pretty good shape but it is your own duty to gain weight safely if you are underweight. There must be a reason to why you have a duty to be able to keep your mind strong and clear by having good nutrition. To be in control of your life is to have a realistic plan in what you have. To have good health is the perfect ingredient to your life, but not acting towards what you want with your body condition can limit you to be in a desired position.

Most of the time skinny people have been undermined and they have felt they are not worth.  You don’t just have to go back to the junk food in the name of increasing the weight, a calculated food plan should be made and a decision should be the key precept on how to gain weight healthier and safely. It only relies on the effort you have to place and how much weight you need to add. This can be trickier at times because the skinny body might be natural but and you will not look the best way you want, but all you need to know is that you can always have what you want and that body will have some added weight to the perfect shape you always admired. However you need to know the challenges is what should drive you to your goal in a safely way to gain serious mass.


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You will not reach the goal of your calories right away, but having your breakfast with some crumbled whole egg, milk sugar tea. Eat it heavy with some animal cream from animals.  Make sure that your morning cereals have not less than 200 calories per cup; you can go for Super food that is rich in proteins, high fiber or the special K protein bar. During your break you can have a bite of chocolate and flash down with some cream tea.  All this are natural components of richly safe content that help you gain weight within 1 month in a fast way. Pancakes are also a good addition of calories but eating it more is a plus to your weight.

K protein

Beef takes longer to be digested by our body system, eating it often in your diet causes weight gain. Keep watch of how you eat by adding natural fried nuts and eat more of this at least two handfuls each day. Don’t take water before meals and take less water. As wise as always, you should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings and learn not to derive illness by gaining weight.




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Being happy and not having concern much on effects for problem will promote the insulin, a hormone produce by pancreas to regulate the fats and stimulates sucrose or glucose. Try changing environment by travelling; this will trigger the cells to fight to balance the internal body and the external body. Before you realize the cells will be actively positive with the new environment and you will start to gain weight as the cells fight to balance, you need not to gain weight only but also to have a proportion of the body and Gorite diet helps to gain weight and have the good body curves. One thing you must know a healthy outside starts with the inside.


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