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Diet Your Body at best 

To build a hut such as we see in the villages one needs but a few types of materials. But if you were to build one of the buildings such as you see in the large cities it would take a great many different materials. When it comes to building the human body it takes so many different materials that even the scientist of today do not know what or how much. They are learning a great deal about it and the field is so wide that there is considerable difference of opinion about it.

There is, however, sufficient agreement to guide us in the main needs of the body so we can do much better than our forefathers did. We understand that certain things are essential for the body and sickness will come to those who do not get them. In this lesson, we want to study the things that are essential so that we can make sure that we supply them to our families.

In order for you to understand what a good diet should contain, let us look at the main constituent of foods.

  1. Proteins: Proteins are foods used by the body for the growth and repair of tissues, and should constitute about 11 or 12% of the diet. The source of this substance is in whole grains, nuts, and legumes such as beans, peas. Meat is also rich in protein. Nearly all vegetables contain some, but not a great deal. It is important that we check our diets to see that we get foods containing good amounts of protein.
  2. Fats: Fats supply energy for the body. Fats can also be stored and as such, provide insulation against cold. They fill in here and there to support organs of the body and round out the corners so that bones will not be so prominent. Vitamin A and D are soluble in fat which is the only carrier of these vitamins into our bodies. About 25- 30% of the calories should be fat.
  3. Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates supply us with energy. Almost all food contains them in the form of sugars and starches. 50 or 60% of our calories come from this source.

Although fats and carbohydrates can be found in abundance in most diets, proteins is often not found in adequate amounts.


There are four kinds of body regulators:

(i) Vitamins are substances present in all natural foods in variable, if minute, quantities and are essential for the normal growth and bodily function. They cannot be made in the body cannot perform as you would like to have it. They are easily destroyed by boiling in an open pot or saucepan and disappear rapidly as our food becomes old or wilted.

(ii) Minerals are of importance in many and complicated ways. Calcium calms the nervous system and helps to regulate the heart. Copper helps in the absorption of iron. Iron is necessary for the building of good blood. Sodium and potassium help to maintain the proper balance of the fluid of the body. Other minerals are found in the body and have special uses some not too well understood.

(iii) Water. We have mentioned this before and list it here because it is so essential. It is one of the seven basic needs of the body.

(iv) Cellulose is essential for the proper propulsion of the residue after digestion. It is present in all natural foods. Unfortunately, the tendency of modern food preparation is to eliminate this important constituent.

Where do we get the body regulators? Are they found in abundance? The answers is No. We must know how our diets supply them to be sure. In general, we are safe with a wide variety of foods. What one food lacks another will supply. So we get a good balance among them. Fruits and vegetables lose these factors rapidly after they are harvested. Old and wilted foods should not be used. Boiling in open pan destroys vitamins.

One scientist, Professor A.J. Carlson, put it this way:

“When food is abundant, the grey squirrel and the rat eat only the germ of the corn and leave the rest. In our ignorance, we eat only the rest and feed the germ to the hogs and the cattle.”

Dr.  Bogert is the authority for this statement. “Only about 73% of the wheat grain is recovered for human food by the process of manufacturing patent (white) flour. The by- products are used for animal food.”

Since our health is impaired by eating this way, it is wise to make a change and use natural foods- foods that are unrefined that are not devitalized, foods that will put us on the road to abundant living.


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