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Some of the teeth whitening products have an effect to remove 14 years of stain in your tooth enamel. The unique whitening tooth paste gel. Dentist around the globe are all joy with the benefit of teeth whitening products where by some have natural nutrients from food. You will no longer have to hurt your bank account visiting the dentist for a consultation fee, the pay is only $75 for a bright smile.

Secret of whiter teeth depends on foods also and water is one of them. Drinking enough water dilutes the content of enzymes that cause tooth decay and thus help in teeth whitening. Your teeth need whitening and Apple will do that better for you.

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The Eating of Apples and berries gives out the best smile you want.
Broccoli is high in fiber and by eating a lot of fiber helps in teeth whitening and a boost to the immune system to your body. It has a value in nutrients that protect your tooth enamel and a sparking whiter teeth. It degrades the acid, promoting to tooth decay. So it is good for teeth whitening.

There is only one fruit that contains natural bromelain, a compound property that is a stain remover. Pineapple. So miss not a bite in your meal for a great teeth whitening. Just like the milk is full of natural minerals, drinking fresh milk makes your teeth whiter and stronger.

These are food compounds that are added in toothpaste for teeth whitening. Chewing gum that is sugar free helps in teeth whitening by activating saliva in the mouth to neutralize the acidic PH in the mouth. Brain is protective and raisins with bran cereal help in teeth whitening by chewing. You can have teeth whitening products.


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