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Benefits of fruits Most Nutritious Fruits

A seed bearing structure in angiosperms formed from the ovary that is after flowering is a fruit. Fruit was the main diet in ancient days. Fruits have a vast healing nutrient whereby some are just direct medicine when eaten raw. However, there is a good time  to eat fruits. Different fruits have to be eaten at a particular period and at a particular amount. Fruits are at times ripe and good for food, but when is the right time to eat fruits?

Eat fruits when fresh:  Fruits are best to eat when they are freshly picked or still fresh in their state. This allows the nutrients to absorb in the body without being developed to any complications. Eating fruits should be done on an empty stomach. This is because fruits take short time to digest and when eaten with a full stomach or topping up after a meal, then there will be likely to be delayed in digestion which later cause fermentation in the stomach and thus in the whole body.

Best time to eat fruits: The fruits are to be eaten the second thing when you wake up, after drinking that warm water. This helps to eliminate the toxic waste from the body. And also to detoxify. There are related dangers of bacterial infection in the intestines when the fruits cause fermentation to mixing with the foods in the stomach.

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Benefits of eating fruits at the best time        

  • Help in immediate energy conversion.
  • No barriers to supply antioxidants.
  • Some fruits have fiber that helps in the absorption and water retention.
  • Fruits provide vitamins and minerals, unlike other food.
  • Allows the body to utilize the nutrients to break down into portions after eating.
  • Detoxify some unwanted disease causing cells.
  • Some fruits help you lose weight as they keep you satisfied for longer thus eating less.
  • Fruits replace some high saturated fats by burning them down.
  • Help to maintain optimum health due to phytochemicals fruit nutrients.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Best time to eat  fruit is when your stomach is empty.

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