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Why eating right is staying young heart

No one can avoid aging, but still one can maintain the physical looks by observing a healthy nutrition. Maintaining a healthy nutrition has some advantages, it slows down the rate of aging and leads to a much longer life. The following are some anti aging nutrition habits; 

Ingest a diet rich in fiber – Always make sure your diet is rich in carbohydrates and this should be about 60%-65%. Some examples of these carbohydrates are, vegetables, fruits, bread, rice. But, it should be in form of complex carbohydrates and whole grains. Also, supplement this with a diet rich in fat from 20%-30% and also 15%protein content. Some proteins include dairy products, meat. Proteins are important because the body uses it to repair tissues. However, overconsumption, especially in meat, leads to increased risk of accumulation of saturated fats and cholesterol content of animal based fats which is not good for the health. It’s important to take a small amount of protein. Spicy foods should be avoided by people with gastrointestinal problems and this also may help to prevent some hot flashes.

<Drink so much water– A high percentage of our bodies consist of water. Water is life. Some people really complain about headaches, constipation, hot flashes, tiredness. All these are as a result of dehydration. No matter how much water you take it has no risk in the body. But at least take eight glasses of water daily and there will be an improvement in your health. Don’t take water because you feel thirst, take water anytime so as to make sure each and every organ in the body has enough water to function well.  

Take small meals and snacks a day– Many people think dinner meal should be heavy, in fact, dinner meals should be light. Women mostly have this habit of skipping meals so as to cut weight. Well, the bad news is this doesn’t help in anyway and so you end up adding more weight. The food that you are depriving the body it needs it to burn calories. And so when you don’t take any food it slows down the rate of metabolism and thus an increase of weight. The rule never goes for more than four hours without taking anything.

Rduce sugar and salt intake-Always, consume products with less than 10% sugar. Foods like cakes, ice cream should be avoided. Sugars are calories which build up in the body and make people get fatter every day. Salt makes food tasty, bur overconsumption of it leads to hypertension. Add salt to food while cooking but don’t add more directly while eating. If you can’t eat salt-free foods then just use a pinch of salt.

Avoid drugs Drugs are not good for health. Drugs like caffeine cause bone loss due to absorption of calcium in it. Caffeine leads to dehydration in the body. Intake of alcohol damages the liver. It also causes breast cancer and high blood pressures. Alcohol has low fat but has calories. Avoid drugs because they make one age faster.

When you observe the anti-aging nutrition habits then you can be sure to live a healthy long life.


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