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It is not yet known the cause of breast cancer as being among the top worldwide leading diseases after heart disease. You are about to have the awareness on diet, nutritional advices, tips and prevention of breast cancer. It can be inherited through genes, but women who are born in BRCA1 gene mutation have the 80% risk to breast cancer.

The cancerous cells divide rapidly than the normal healthy cells in the body then starts to accumulate thus causing a lump or a tiny swelling. At times when you don’t value nutrition and diet the foods that you eat can metastasize through the breast and to even parts of your body. At the milk producing cells is where the cells begin at. Still the breast cancer can begin at glandular tissues or any related part on the body then attack to the breast. How it be that breast cancer kills, prevention through tips and diet can help you be free from it. All you still need to be fully aware is that what you eat, do triggers on breast cancer.

Breast caner

Causes of breast cancer:

Gene/ inheritance– history repeats itself; women who have some family member who have once encountered breast cancer or developed the cancer of any type will be likely to have this type of cancer.

Denser breast tissues – women who have dense breast tissues are at a higher chance of developing breast cancer this is because here is where the tumor with the abnormal cancerous cells to attack.

Old age – the older a woman gets, the higher the risk of breast cancer. Age is a factor in that over 80% of female, breast cancer occurs at the age of 50+ years old. This is the time after menopause.

Exposure to estrogen – Women who begin having their periods earlier than usual are likely to have breast cancer and drops dramatically during menopause.

Obese – here we go, the reason why you must practice indirect exercise as nutrition is because it helps to keep your entire body healthy and watches your weight among other essential health benefits. Overweight in women may have higher risk of developing cancer of breast. Why? This is because there are higher levels of estrogens in over weight menopausal women. This is the cause of higher risk. So start exercising and workout.

Job type – through a research women who work during the night or night shifts prior to pregnancy are likely to develop breast cancer.

Alcohol consumption – Get this, the more alcohol a female or a woman drinks the higher the level of risk to breast cancer. If you must drink, have one bottle and that is enough if you must drink.

Radiation exposure – undergoing CT scans, X-Rays may raise a woman’s risk of breast cancer. The emit-ion+ of the radiation triggers an abnormal PH to the cells, which cause the cells to behave abnormally and dormant in dividing.

Contraceptive drugs – use of contraceptive pills before consulting the doctor is another ignore factor most women don’t know. The use of the pills continuously or after sex pills contribute to the cells being abnormal, thus abnormal division that cause tumor or growth that graduate to breast cancer.

Cosmetics implants – women who have artificial breast implanted may have a higher risk for cancer and premature death from this disease.


Signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

Ø There is change in size and shape of the breast.
Ø The breast nipple is painful or the breast.
Ø There is redness of the nipple or thickening.
Ø A nipple that looks like the outer skin of an orange.
Ø Nipple discharges that which is not milk may be blood and some yellowish discharge.
Ø Around the breast is irritating, itching to scratch.
Ø Nipple is turning inward.

Through awareness and causes of cancer, prevention in through nutritional tips and avoid some listed above.

Nutrition tips.

Water – take enough water helps to boost your immunity and even work the body cells to normal activeness. Constant practice of taking water will improve the radical change of the cells that cause breast cancer.

Have enough rest – sleeping is an indirect nutrition and lack of it triggers the cells to be dormant and abnormal more so if you are using the contraceptives and alcohol.

Food nutrition – have the best full fresh vegetables and fruits, this helps to capacitate the body cells work normal and divide through re-growth.

Exercise daily- it is high time you stop using the lift and take the stairs. Take half mile walk daily if you cannot run. Small steps are the start of a journey; you will have to start crawling before you start walking. So motivate yourself by simple workouts. At least 30 minutes every day


Ø Be clean as possible and keep fit
Ø Avoid sugary food that may trigger over weight. Eat more of whole grains, fresh fruits and varieties of vegetables.
Ø If you must consume alcohol please limit the intake a bottle a day will keep the hospital at bay.
Ø Limit red meat and salty foods that have been processed. And do so in moderation if must be eaten. You can substitute with other white meat like chicken that you are sure of the source of it.

Through this you will be able to be cancer free, some people have been treated and have become breast cancer survivor while others are undergoing through the treatment. Survivors and those undergoing treatment should follow the above recommendation. You can order the book below for ultimate breast cancer prevention and treatment.

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