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Amazing benefits of tomatoes

Beside it being used daily in homes, many are not aware of tomato benefits and  how they are amazing for health and cure of diseases. It is the most grown fruit that is considered to be a vegetable because of its daily use in food. Did you know that you can have tomato nutrients if you eat it raw fresh?

You can cook it, but you get more tomato nutrients because when you cook it under low or high heat tomato nutrients are made less of help and the benefit of tomato is not present at all. Naturally tomato has a natural vitamin C, Vitamin K, Biotin and Molybdenum and also rich in minerals like the manganese, copper and potassium. Now imagine you cooking the vegetable. You are making the tomato nutrients less of help and the nutritional health benefits are of no value to the body as required.

Apart from  the vitamins and the natural mineral elements, nutritional benefit of tomato nutrients are only found if you can make the vegetable be edible raw fruit.  These will help with tomato nutritional health of dietary fiber and the foliate in curing some disease like reducing heart attack. According to the WHO intake of lycopene, found in tomato has a chance of reducing heart attack by 30% is it not amazing?

The health impact of the fruit works magic if only we can be continually in having it raw. Am not saying it is bad to make a tomato paste, but it will be of the essence if you can limit cooking tomato if you really need to have the benefits and nutrients of tomatoes.  It will be of no essence, if you eat and have no benefit from your good meal but only be full right? So how about letting the nutrients of tomato enhance flavor as chopped. Chopped tomatoes not only keep the nutritional value of tomato, but also in its fresh raw state it is fighting cancerous cells. It also raises the level of gross phytochemicals if not cooked. Here is how you can enable having  the optimum nutritional benefit of tomato.

Yes, you can heat the tomato because that heat process enhances the lycopene nutrients in tomato increase to oxidative to reduce depression and thus elimination of stress. Am not saying cooking is bad, but now you know better why as a fruit it gives nutritional benefits unlike when it is cooked. So you can cut it in circles and place it with lettuce  on your bread for a sandwich, cut it in cubes or dice and mix it with the ready cooked food then serve.

Tomato is a king fruit and this is why am saying so, Did you know that just 2-3 ounce of tomato juice or the paste prevents kidney or gall bladder. Tomato nutrients work as a disinfectant. Amazing! After a long run tomato delivers a benefit of reducing the lower urinary tract symptoms.

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