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 Shocking Beauty Nutrition Exposed

Oils, creams, and scrubs may not be enough to keep our skin looking healthy. A large part of our skin health is determined by the kind of food we eat. This is why we have been recommended to go for beauty nutrition. This involves taking foods and fruits that have supplements to help take care of our skin. Many of us may wonder,  how does eating food relate with beauty, well here is the answer. Some of the foods we eat have biotin that protects the skin from drying while others protect the skin from damages.

Below are the foods that help in beauty nutrition

Eggs – the protein in eggs repairs skin cells that have been damaged by radicals. Also, it has biotin that helps to protect skin from drying.

Tomatoes –we use tomatoes almost every day, whether it’s cooking or eating a fruit.The Tomato has lycopene that protects the skin from sunburn. It’s a carotenoid that reduces the damage of skin from radicals.

Avocados– we all love avocados, but we may never know its benefits, it’s a good source of biotin that wards off the skin from drying. Sometimes, our skin may be dehydrated, but it can be applied to furnish the scorched skin.

Beans – they are proteins, has legumes that resole cell that has been damaged by radicals. During digestion, proteins break down into amino acids that help to speed the restitution and revival of skin cells.

Walnuts – have vitamins that strengthen the immune system. Also, it has phosphorus that strengthens bones. It’s a good source ellagic acid that reduces the risk of getting heart diseases.

It’s now clear that there is a big relation between nutrition and beauty. It’s always important to check on our diet. Eating foods that are healthy can play a really big part in improving our health both inside and outside beauty. A lot of people only care about their outer beauty , but they seem to forget at times it’s better to take care of their inside because their beauty outside reflects  their inside. Take foods rich in vitamins, proteins that help to repair and hydrate your skin and you can be sure to remain beautiful even without makeup.

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